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„I am a varsity collegiate athlete and have continued post-collegiate competition in my sport. Sports massages are key to maintaining a top level performance and preventing injuries. Seeing Lucja has allowed me to increase my level of intensity and to continue to improve after I felt I have plateaued in my athletic abilities. Keeping a schedule routine of massages is as important as keeping a scheduled routine of work outs. Her work is great as she has a strong knowledge of what muscles to work and she allows the flexibility of getting a massage tailored to one’s work schedule.”
Billy, NYC

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„My massage with Lucja is meditation for the mind and body. She is skillful in her manipulation and graceful in her technique. She possesses vast knowledge of the anatomy which is so important for either chronic or normal aches and conditions. This combination of talent makes her a star in her profession. I have enjoyed massage therapy for the past 15 years, but never as much as the past 2 years with Lucja.”
Joe, Old Greenwich, CT

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“I have had many therapeutic massages but Lucja easily is the best therapist I have found. She takes pride in an individualized approach to each client and she tailors each treatment in order to find the root of muscular issues and problems. I would highly recommend Lucja to anyone involved in sport at any level.”
Alexandra, London, UK

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Each therapy is specifically tailored to my condition. Łucja's initial assessment for my each professional massage is thorough, her knowledge is extensive, but most importantly she has an intuitive sense of what muscles to work on. I would absolutely recommend Łucja Masłowska as she is a phenomenal professional massage therapist.”
Michał, Poland

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