“It is not only Lucja’s knowledgeable and extraordinary treatment, but also her advice and encouragement that make her so special. I would gladly recommend her services to any man or woman involved with sports.” Cara, London, UK.

“I am in awe of Lucja and what she knows about the functionality of the human body. Her sessions are transforming to my body and mind, enhancing mover overall well-being.” Alexis, London, UK.

“I have had many therapeutic massages but Lucja easily is the best therapist I have found. She takes pride in an individualized approach to each client and she tailors each treatment in order to find the root of muscular issues and problems. I would highly recommend Lucja to anyone involved in sport at any level.” Alexandra, London, UK.

“Without doubt one of the best massages I have ever had.
As a personal trainer and former professional rugby player I can tell within the first minute of a massage if it is time and money well spent.Lucja has a unique ability to apply the correct pressure related to the age and fitness level of the client, soothing out all the knots in the body, leaving you feeling revived and relaxed. Highly recommended.” Henry, London, UK.

“Professional in her individualized skills when performing deep tissue massage. An extraordinary massage.” Liam, London, UK.

“I have a stressful job that involves hunching over a computer all day, which causes my back and shoulders to tighten up. I learned about Lucja from a friend, and I feel so lucky that I did. She provides a deep massage that is both invigorating and relaxing for my muscles. Her knowledge about Human Anatomy is what makes her a superior professional massage therapist. I sincerely recommend Lucja as a highly trained and experienced professional massage therapist.” Albert, London, UK.

“I fly all over the world and work long hours often at a desk which sometimes causes back pain. Lucja has helped with this enormously, and is certainly the best professional massage therapist I have found. It is not an exaggeration to say regular treatments with Lucja have become hugely important for me. She is incredibly talented and I would recommend to anyone. “ Richard, London, UK.

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