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“Lucja is one of the best massage therapists I have ever worked with. As an acupuncturist who treats a great deal of shoulder, neck and back pain, I recommend Lucja to all my patients. With her work, my patients feel a great relief in pain, looseness in the muscles and an amazing amount of peace and tranquility after her treatments. “Gabriel, NYC

“She is an extraordinary massage therapist. But what is the most special about her is the personal attention she gives to the specific needs of each client.”
 Jeffrey, NYC

“I always look forward to my visits to Lucja’s office. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, I’m instantly calmed by Lucja’s presence. Lucja cares deeply about her clients and she listens carefully to what her clients want. As a result, she is able to tailor each massage to focus on problem areas. She has a wide array of techniques that she thoughtfully deploys during her massages. Lastly, the level of attention and investment that Lucja provides is above and beyond what one gets at a large spa. I highly recommend Lucja’s services!”Liz, NYC

“A balm for the spirit as well as the body. Lucja’s gentleness runs as deep as the effect of her hands . A wonderful masseuse. Go.”
 Lora, NYC

“I recently was introduced to Lucja by a personal friend who knows how particular I am about receiving bodywork. I am in the same industry and perform bodywork and healing as well. So with my level of knowledge, it is difficult for me to just let anybody work on me. I was pleasantly surprised at how skilled Lucja is, how attentive she was to the issues I was experiencing at the time and now I have found a new massage therapist that I plan to see regularly going forward. I cannot recommend her work highly enough.”
 Todd, Scarsdale, NYC

“Lucja has a wonderful “bedside manner” as she welcomes you to each of your therapy sessions. Her pleasant demeanor accompanies her remarkable skill in administering the correct amount of pressure and precision to each and every muscle. As an athlete, her help is key in my body’s recovery.”
 Jordan, NYC

“Lucja gave me one of the best therapeutic massages ever. I would return to her in a heartbeat. A genuine caring personality to go with a great masseuse.”  Brenda, NYC

“I searched for over 2 years without success to locate a true Shiatsu expert in NYC. When a friend recommended Lucja, I was skeptical. It turns out that she was outstanding. I highly recommend her.”
  Michele, NYC


“I am a varsity collegiate athlete and have continued post-collegiate competition in my sport. Sports massages are key to maintaining a top level performance and preventing injuries. Seeing Lucja has allowed me to increase my level of intensity and to continue to improve after I felt I have plateaued in my athletic abilities. Keeping a schedule routine of massages is as important as keeping a scheduled routine of work outs. Her work is great as she has a strong knowledge of what muscles to work and she allows the flexibility of getting a massage tailored to one’s work schedule.”
 Billy, NYC

“Lucja is a consummate professional and a great therapist. She will tailor your massage to deal with any problem areas and you will leave feeling loose and relaxed. I was particularly impressed with her deep tissue techniques, which are especially helpful to any one with sport-related tension or stress. In addition to her massage skills, Lucja is a warm person who cares about the well-being of her clients. I wholeheartedly endorse her services.”
  Matt, NYC

“I have to say, I am picky when it comes to massage and I have never found a massage therapist better than Lucja! In addition to the amazing work she does, she is flexible and accommodating. I will continue to recommend her highly to people I know!”Jessica, NYC

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