Philosophy at my separate world

I have gained knowledge and understanding in how massage, when performed properly and artistically, increases awareness in the body of both stillness and change. It puts you in touch with your body’s natural rhythms and energies. My approach to the practice of massage and bodywork involves a handcrafted combination of Western therapeutic massage and Eastern concepts of energy. Each private session is a unique interaction — my skills and experience interacting with my client’s individual physical, mental and emotional needs. Each human body is individualized. ¬†Each massage should be as well. ¬†That is how best to gratify the body and the mind in an integrated way, healing and relieving pain and stress, opening each client’s natural path to peace and contentment. Being a professional massage therapist is not only about providing a temporary, relaxing experience. It also has become an important component in improving mental health, treating many types of physical injuries, and enhancing athletic performance. In this regard, massage should be as individual as your mind and body.

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