„She sat down with me and listened to everything I had to say, answered all my questions, addressed them very professionally, and made sure I understood everything. She looked at all my issues and took her time properly addressing them. I feel that Łucja is the type of a professional who genuinely cared about my progress and that’s not easy to find these days.”
Anna, Poland

„Her brief questions about my lifestyle, such as sleeping, eating, work, or social habits help her assess which points of the body should be the focus of the massage. This provides a sense of oneness with the body, relieving stress and easing pains in nearly any body part, allowing the body to better heal itself.” The most medical, professional massage I ever experienced.
Łukasz, Poland

„Łucja Masłowska has healing hands and a healing heart. By assessing areas of pain or tension base on my postural imbalances Łucja determine what type of massage would be most effective for me. She’s an inspired true professional massage therapist and an inspiring individual.”
Maria, Poland

„The professional massage with Łucja Masłowska is both relaxing and technically proficient. Łucja Masłowska clearly knows her craft through and through. She talked me through the root causes of the muscles problem and showed me exercises that I could learn from and work to improve my health more generally.”
Tadeusz, Poland

„She is the kind of professional massage therapist that you are looking to find for treatment. She provides helpful advice regarding wellness and her commitment to her clients’ healing and well-being is unmatched.”
Ryszard, Poland

„My trigger points are gone and were released pain free. Łucja knew exactly what kind of stroke and what level of pressure I needed. I felt I was in the hands of a master and was able to relax completely.”
Jan, Poland

„Each therapy is specifically tailored to my condition. Łucja’s initial assessment for my each professional massage is thorough, her knowledge is extensive, but most importantly she has an intuitive sense of what muscles to work on. I would absolutely recommend Łucja Masłowska as she is a phenomenal professional massage therapist.”
Michał, Poland

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